Summer fun tie-dye

We went all out with tie-dye, and it was a messy and fun experience! Since tie-dye is really in style and bright fun colors are just happy-making, we decided to go for it!

I don’t have pictures of us doing the tie-dying as it’s a messy process, but we used squirt/dropper bottles on a large plastic tablecloth on the lawn. Even with gloves, we all ended up with purple fingers and color-splattered legs.

The ice method—cover shirt in ice, sprinkle powdered dye over ice, let ice melt.

We also tried a rainbow arch: you sketch the outline with a washable marker and then fold the shirt along the outside lines and rubber and it to form the outer curves. Then, separate the amount of shirt in between your rubber bands into equal sections for the remaining colors of the rainbow. I LOVE how these turned out!

Below you can see jacob’s swirl design, Jackie’s crumple method, and one of our rainbow arches. We then added iron-on vinyl to Jacob’s to customize it with his choice of phrases.

I did a few tshirts and tank tops for myself, but this is my fave, and it inspired Jacob to want his own kindness tee:

This was a very fun activity to do with the kids—it’s all worth it for the big reveal! We had a couple of swirl designs that turned out very white in the center, and we rubberbanded them up again and made another swirl! They turned out awesome! Comment if you want tips or guidance!

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Front door signs diy

Aren’t these cute? The first image was a gift for our new neighbors, who have a navy blue door. Also, paper flowers because the door is always shaded on a porch. Now my front door gets blasted by the sun, so I kept things simpler. We will see how they do long-term, but so far the popsicles are as bright as ever!